Young Story Writer entry, “A Writer’s Journey” by Ben Perez-Hughes, age 10 - Al Fresco Holidays


Ben Perez-Hughes has written a fantastic story about his character, the great explorer, John Stewart. Take a look at what obstacles John has to overcome in ‘A Writer’s Journey’ here
There used to be a rich Victorian man whose name was John Stewart. The wealthy man lived in a small, confined cottage with a stripey hot air balloon beside it.
The reason for the hot air balloon next to the pretty cottage was that John was a famous explorer who had traveled all over the world from Hong Kong to India and from Brazil to Jamaica.
One day the intelligent man decided to set off on another journey. It would be from England to China and once again he would go in his amazing hot air balloon that was covered in stripes.
So, in the year 1880, the exceptional man set off in his phenomenal balloon from England. John lit the flame and slowly he rose into the humid air feeling extremely excited but at the same time anxious because on one of his trips, the flame set fire to the basket he was standing in but luckily he survived that terrifying situation.
He finally got to a good height and started to steer forwards. John stared down at the sapphire water as he gently glided through the air.
After three days of non stop travelling John began to get tired but there was no time to sleep as John began to sense danger. He looked up to see a huge hole on the side of the balloon. The fabric was flapping in the wind and John realised he was plummeting towards the earth at a high velocity. What was he going to do?
If he attempted to land the balloon on one of the pretty islands below him, he would have a good chance of survival. With his hair rapidly blowing back in the wind, he focussed on a large land mass below and swiftly travelled towards it.
This journey was becoming a disaster like his last one. With all his strength and determination he managed to steer the balloon to safety. Then with a crash the balloon crumpled to the floor. Emerging from the wreckage of his balloon, the first thing he saw was several giant stone pillars stacked on top of each other.
Upon staring at the pillars he had a horrible feeling that he had been here before, and then it dawned upon him…..this was Stonehenge !!! He could not believe that despite all of is effort & determination, he had spent three days and nights travelling only to find he had not actually got anywhere at all and he was still in England! This explorer realised that exploring was not for him and that he would take up the less death defying art of model boat making instead!
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