Young Story Writer competition entry, “I Can Sniff The Sea” by Jordan Nugent, age 11 - Al Fresco Holidays

We felt like we could almost smell the seaside reading this great story by Jordan Nugent! “I Can Sniff The Sea” is tale of Jordan’s first trip to the seaside.

Mum and Dad are taking me on my very first holiday! Yes its true!! They have never taken me away before, I usually get left with my grandparents as I know they like to do the kind of boring adult stuff they know that I’ll hate. But this time, I’m coming! I got too excited earlier as they put me in the car, I tried sticking my head out the window, my hair was flying everywhere and Mum got cross! “Dill, sit down! Please!” She shouted.

I sat down, but I was still excited! Mum had brought along some of my toys to keep me amused, but it was the sounds and smells as we travelled down the Cornish coast to St.Ives that thrilled me! I felt like my insides would burst open and explode into fireworks! Mum looked at me sat in the back seat, her eyes were sparkling brightly. “Nearly there Dills, you are going to LOVE this place!” By now the salt-water air was whistling through my open window, and I kept trying to sniff the smells.

As we passed fish and chips shops, I could smell the batter frying and the golden chips cooking. I could hear the squeal of circling sea-gulls, and see them taking over the skies like a horror film. All of them just waiting for one chip to fall on the floor. Oh! The car has stopped! Dad gets out of the car and stretches, mum sighs happily, we have stopped right next to a beach! The sea is glistening and green, like a glass bottle!

The waves are gently nibbling at the shore and I cannot wait to dip my feet into the cool water! Dad opens my door and helps me out and pours some water as its starting to become a hot day. The sun is barely shielded by any clouds and hitting us hard now we’re out of the car. “Well Lydia, fancy a sit on the beach for a bit before we get to the Hotel?’ asks my dad. Mum nods and begins to take the blanket and lunch out of the car.

I am starting to get nervous, I can see lots of other children running around playing on the beach and I want to join in, but I’m too shy! I cower behind my mum who gives me a reassuring pat on the head. “Its ok Dills, you can go and play with the others in a minute, let dad and I get sorted first!”

We make our way down to the beach where mum and dad find a nice shady spot, and I sit down next to them. When all of a sudden, a huge Great Dane runs over and starts sniffing me! “He’s friendly, he’s called Mojo!” Calls his owner, as mum and dad start to get up, Mum smiles back. “Great! So’s ours, go on Dills, you might have a friend!” And I run off happily, wagging my tail, with my new mate Mojo

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