Young Story Writer competition entry, “A Journey That Beats Being At School” by Jasmine Price age 11 - Al Fresco Holidays

We’ve chosen Jasmine Price’s exciting story “A Journey That Beats Being At School” as our entry of the day. Ever thought about what it would be like to visit the moon? Read it and find out!

Chapter 1 -The Door
Josie hated science. The old dusty classroom was smelly, Josie’s mind began to wander. From across the classroom, Josie heard her teacher Miss Snozzlebottom screech,”JOSIE…stop daydreaming and stand outside for 5 minutes.!” Not to upset her teacher,who already was having a very bad hair day, also to stop her exploding with mentalness,she stood outside.

Chapter 2: The Professor and his Plans.
While outside Josie found herself standing next to a funny little man. He was small like a dinky Dumbledore, he was a miniature, midget magician with a pointy nose and he smelt of lemons.”Well greetings,my friend,” he piped.”I am Professor Frizzle.”

“I’m Josie,” she replied

“Well, Josie I want to go to the Moon with you, by the way, please excuse the pong of lemons, I’ve been tickling my wife’s lemon tree, it works wonders for the flavour!” explained the Professor.

“OK.Where’s your rocket?” asked Josie puzzled.

“Oh, my rocket is in the pay and display car park and we must hurry because we only have five minutes left on the ticket. Those wardens are scary!” said the Professor.

Chapter 3..A Bad Old Stench

Josie and Frizzle climbed aboard a very rusty and rickety looking yellow rocket. “I left it out in the rain too long,it rusted a bit.” he said.

“I don’t mind,” Josie said,”Lets go!” And off they zoomed.

After 794 minutes of twisting, turning and vomit heaving loops, they finally arrived at the moon.

“Put on your space suit otherwise you’ll die, it’s like a Henry Hoover up here love.”

They put on their suits and stepped onto the moon’s squelchy surface. They explored, even visiting the gloomy dark side.

Josie stumbled across some odd footprints. She screamed for the Professor to come,”Oh flubber my blubber, I knew it.” He said, knowingly.

“Let’s follow them,” suggested Frizzle. So they followed the trail which led them to a dark and fearsome cave. They curiously crept inside the damp cavern and discovered a green, muddy and mossy looking alien with skin like a slimy scabby toad who hadn’t had a bath for a hundred years, and the smell reminded Josie of the day she’d stuck her nose in her dad’s sweaty armpit.

Josie and the Professor were so startled at this ugly, gruesome creature they almost fainted. so they bolted quickly back out of the sinister hole leaving the alien upset and alone again. “Maybe I should’ve suggested to the fellow to plant some lemon trees in there to block out the whiffy smell!” suggested Frizzle. “Lemons can help in lots of ways you know”

Chapter 4.. More Lemons
They ran back to the edge of the moon.”Quickly Josie, parachute on, no time to get the rocket. Let’s just jump!” shouted the Professor.

And that’s what they did. They swirled back through the fresh air like two sycamore helicopters. They splash landed in the fishy,smelly sea.

They swam to shore and ran to a tree (which was a lemon tree) where they collapsed and slept like contented snails, oh what a wonderful day!

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