Young Story Writer entry, “Horse Power” by Claudia Robb, age 11 - Al Fresco Holidays

Here is our chosen entry of the day by 11 year old Claudia Robb. “Horse Power” is about Claudia’s unexpected journey on a police horse!

My eyes fluttered open and I managed a quick glance at the clock, it was 6:30 in the morning. My mum was standing at the side of my bed with a hair brush in one hand and a skirt and shirt in the other. We tackled the hair first, scrape, scrape, scrape went the brush. There were bobbles and clips flying high in the air like graceful birds, at long last my hair was done.

As I dressed I could hear my mum stirring the Weetabix downstairs. I had gotten myself dressed even though I was half asleep! I went downstairs and ate my breakfast quickly but carefully. I then waved bye to my mum and set off with my dad who was ready and raring to go. When I arrived at school my dad left to go to work, but I had seen a chatty group of year six pupils and I thought, what better idea than to go and join them? Suddenly we heard a toot and a hoot. “The coach is here” everyone shouted.Everyone clambered onto the coach.

Once everyone was onboard, the coach gave a huff and a puff and set off for London. Everything was going to plan until a wave of hands went up for the toilet so we stopped at the nearest service station. There was a moving swarm of blue uniforms meandering through cafes and shops until we reached the toilets.

I was at the end of the queue so I went in last. Unfortunately I didn’t notice the BROKEN LOCK sign until it was too late and by then I was locked in a toilet!! After lots and lots of hammering, the door creaked open slightly and I slipped out. I looked around for the blue uniforms but I couldn’t find anything. They had left without me! The only police that I could find was some police riding horses; I told them what had happened. Fortunately they happened to have a horse spare so being the horse rider that I am, I hopped on and waited for the signal to go.

Finally the signal came and with one nudge the horse sped off like a rocket. I followed the police to the British Museum and saw the last of my classmates coming off the coach. I galloped in [what an entrance]. I jumped off and gave the horse an apple out of my lunch box whilst my teacher rushed up and gave a long sigh of relief. She thanked the police and hurried me off into the British Museum.

That was the end of my unexpected journey – where will I journey to next?


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