Young Story Writer entry, “New Shoes” by Eleanor Rocky, age 9 - Al Fresco Holidays

What a fun story sent in for our Young Story Writer competition by Eleanor Rocky. Her story is about a boy called Tim who had out grown his shoes! Read Eleanor’s story ‘New Shoes’ here -

Six months ago in the town of Dilly Dally a boy called Tim realised his feet just would not fit inside his shoes, so he asked his mum politely “Please mother, will you buy me some new shoes?”.

His mum answered “Well I suppose you need some but you have peculiar sized feet 7 ½”. Tim protested “I must have new shoes!” and his mum thought to herself I’ll take him to the local town and get some.

The next day that they did exactly that. They entered the shop called ‘Shoes Direct’ and looked at every pair, but none fitted Tim, so Tim’s mum paused “You’ve been a good boy so I’ll take you to London.”

The next weekend they drove to the station and travelled to London. First they went to M+M World, then Tim saw some glamorous shoes, he begged his mum “I would so like those shoes, so very much…”

They went into the shop to try on the shoes, and mum could hardly believe it, they were a perfect fit – this had never happened before! So mum bought the new shoes for Tim.

Tim put the shoes on and within a couple of seconds he got a fuzzy feeling, and found himself in his imagination. All around him were things that were extinct, including his favourite DINOSAURS. A T- Rex saw Tim and began to chase him. Tim ran and ran as fast as he could. Suddenly he tripped and slipped and stumbled down a hole. He landed in his mother’s arms glad to be back. Tim took off the shoes and carefully packed them back in the box. They went back home, first they got a ride in a black London taxi, next a little walk down and round a corner, they jumped aboard the train, whistling all the way back to Dilly Dally.

As soon as he got home Tim cautiously removed the shoes from their box and slipped them back on his feet. The fuzzy feeling swept over him again and he flew off into sky, swooping with the birds, gliding on outstretched wings. Ahead of him was the Eiffel Tower, Tim dived down and landed on the very top point. People looked up, shouted and pointed at him. Tim was embarrassed, he looked down and felt very scared – what was he doing? Those shoes looked amazing but they seemed to make him do troublesome things. So from then on, he only ever wore slippers unless he wanted an adventure.

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