Young Story Writer entry, “Alice and the Boat Trip” by Aiya Ladbrooke, age 11 - Al Fresco Holidays

We have received a great entry from Aiya Ladbrooke, age 11 for our Young Story Writer competition. Read her story ‘Alice and the Boat Trip” here -

Alice Honey Rose was a fifteen year old girl who had blonde-brown hair and blue eyes, she was smart, caring and loved animals. Her three best friends were Scarlett, Lilly and Danni.

Scarlett had blonde-brown hair like Alice, and brown eyes. Lilly had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Danni had Ginger hair and brown eyes.

In the Summer the four friends decided that they should go on a boat trip in Waldringfield. Alice’s mum Brooke drove them to the boatyard.

When they got to Waldringfield they quickly booked a boat trip and got fitted for buoyancy aids.“Hello girls, I’m Captain Max and I am going to be the Skipper which means I am driving the boat today but you can call me Max! I see you all have your buoyancy aids on so let’s get on the boat!”

They all climbed onto the boat and got started. “Is this the right weather for sailing Captain Max or does it needs to be windier?” asked Alice. “Well Alice I would say that this is just about the right weather for sailing, sunny blue sky with a bit of wind!” replied Captain Max.

They sailed peacefully for a while before Max said, “I think we should start to turn back now, I can see some dark clouds coming on the horizon.” When suddenly a huge gust of wind blew the sail round which made the boom hit the captain on the head, which caused him to lose consciousness!

“Captain Max?” everyone shouted. “OH NO, what are we going to do?” complained Scarlett. “How are we going to get back?” Shouted Danni. “What’s going to happen to us out here?” cried Lilly. “Come on guys just calm down!” said Alice but everyone carried on like headless chickens. ”SHUT UP! We just need to calm down and think of a plan!” Alice shouted. “Any one have any ideas?” Alice continued.

“Why don’t we select a leader?” asked Danni, “I vote Alice.” “Me too” shouted Lilly.”  “Me three!” chorused Scarlett.  “Ok! Scarlett try to find a radio and contact help, Danni and Lilly put Max into the recovery position, you learnt in First Aid didn’t you?” “Yes we did Alice!” replied Lilly and Danni. “Let’s get on with it people!” Alice shouted clapping her hands. “I GOT HOLD OF THE COASTGUARD!” shouted Scarlett.

“Yay well done Scarlett!” replied everyone. “The coastguard said that he’ll arrive in five minutes in a big yellow helicopter called “The Sea King.” So everything should be fine!” explained Scarlett.

Five minutes later the big yellow helicopter arrived and they winched down a man with a stretcher to collect Captain Max. The coast guard said that he would return to help them get back to shore. “YAY!” cheered everyone at the harbour. All of their mums and dads had been waiting for them. As soon as they got off of the boat Alice ran straight to her mum and gave her a big hug and told her what happened.

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