Young Story Writer entry, “Journey to the Crystal Plane” by Alethea Smith Larrad, age 10 - Al Fresco Holidays

Take a look at today’s entry of the day sent in by 10 year old, Alethea Smith about how you can find friends in the most amazing places.

It was a crystal clear morning on the day my crew and I went on a space mission. This was no ordinary space mission but a special one to travel to the crystal planet. I heard rumours about this planet that made my spine go as cold as icicles in the arctic. I will not mention any of the rumours I had heard about this planet because it’s really scary.

Anyway, we need to carry on with this story. My crew climbed into the cockpit of the space shuttle as millions and billions of children and adults waved at us and gave us luck. The shuttle suddenly shot up high into the sky and into the stars. I stared out in wonder at the stars and all of the planets. It was such an amazing sight. Suddenly, I saw a very large piece of diamond, but that was impossible! I looked closer, my nose touching the glass and I was speechless because there in front of us was the crystal planet, shining like a crystal in a necklace.

The shuttle landed with a soft thud. My crew and I slowly jumped out of the shuttle and onto the hard, see-through ground of the crystal planet. We saw a tiny little blue creature creep up to us. This weird creature was blue with golden eyes as large as saucers. He looked like a little pixie. It was a pixie!!! The pixie followed us around the planet and was very friendly. It talked but I couldn’t understand what it was saying with my space suit on and it was too dangerous to take it off.

We found a flower but it was completely made of gems and crystals. The little blue pixie held the tiny flower in his palms and made a wish. Before we knew it we were back in the shuttle flying home, to our planet EARTH.

When we arrived home, I reached for my bag and there sat in the front pocket was the little blue pixie still clutching onto the tiny gem covered flower. I took him home and named him CrystalPix. I am violet and that was my my journey where I found a new little blue friend. Remember you can find friends in the most amazing places and they come in all shapes, sizes and colours !

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