Young Story Writer entry, “Peony the Wish Dragon and the Magic Drum” by Charlie Mansell, age 6 - Al Fresco Holidays

Today’s entry of the day comes from six year old Charlie Mansell, who has sent in a mystical story about a dragon. Read “Peony the Wish Dragon and the Magic Drum” here -

Charlie was poorly, so his mother bought him a dusty old drum to cheer him up. He started playing on it and out popped a magic wish dragon.

“I am peony” said the dragon “I have been trapped in that drum, thank you for freeing me. I will tell you my story and then grant you one wish.”

Long ago a witch cursed the dragon to live in this drum and he could only be freed by a child in need. The first time he was freed by a boy called Chan who was sad because he didnt have a mother. Peony granted him a wish and his father married a lovely new lady called Bella. Chan loved her as much as any boy would love any mother.

The next time Peony was freed by a little girl called Rosa who wept when her dog ran away. Peony searched through the night until he found him and brought him home. Rosa and her dog are very happy now.

Then there was Karl who just wanted a friend. Peony and Karl went to the park and the circus and even rode a roller coaster. They are still friends today!

“Now Charlie what is your wish?” asked Peony. Charlie thought for a minute about how lucky he was to have a family who loved him and lots of friends too, he even had his very own pet goldfish! Charlie thought about wishing for something for himself but then realised he already had everything he needed, so he wished for Peony to be free.

Charlie felt better already! He had a new Dragon friend, Peony! Not everyone can say they are friends with a wish dragon after all!

The End

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