Young Story Writer entry, “Turtle Adventure” by Caitlin Price, age 7 - Al Fresco Holidays

Take a look at today’s entry of the day by seven year old Caitlin Price. It’s a great story about her experience seeing Turtles and their nests in ‘Turtle Adventure’.

It was early but I didn’t really mind this morning because I couldn’t wait to find out what the adventure ahead of me would bring. This was what I had been waiting for all summer. The big jeep was waiting for us outside the hotel. I jumped in and sat next to my mum and my big brother.

My dad was last in and he shut the door. Off we went. The jeep was bumping up and down along the rocky path. My mum was too scared to look down because as we wound our way up the mountain we all knew that if we fell off of the track there would be no coming back for any of us. Without warning the driver stopped suddenly and put his hand out of the window.

When he brought his hand back it was full of hard green balls. “Olives, olives” he said. The olives were passed around the jeep for us to touch and smell. My baby brother dropped his on the floor straight away and as the jeep leaned dangerously towards the cliff edge they rolled into a corner. I put mine in my pocket and rubbed them between my fingers. Outside the sun was rising and so was the temperature. We had left the jeep behind us now.

The last bit of the journey could only be done on foot. We hopped from one side of a little stream to another. It was cool in between the high rocks and I liked it more than being in the heat. After we had walked for about half an hour everyone stopped. The driver shouted out a warning, “low, low, mind head”. We had to squeeze through the rocks because there was a very small space to fit through. I had to let go of my mum’s hand and go ahead alone. I couldn’t believe my eyes because ahead of me was a spring with dragonflies and butterflies.

It took another hour to get to our final destination. I was very tired and hot but my dad had lots of water in his backpack. My little brother, Oliver, had a piggy back because he was exhausted too. Me and my big brother were at the front of the line and the beach was right ahead of us. The driver showed us into a hut. In the hut you had a perfect view of the giant turtle nests.

The man told us about the turtles coming out onto the beach by the light of the moon and laying their eggs. There were photographs in the huts of the turtles and we could see their nests in the sand. Later, whilst sitting with my family we had a lovely chat about the day. I couldn’t believe I actually saw some turtle eggs. It was a long journey but it was worth every second.

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