Young Story Writer entry, “The Kitten in Paris” by Anoushka Rose Burton, age 6 - Al Fresco Holidays

Today’s entry of the day comes from six year old Anoushka Rose Burton. We loved reading her story about a mischevious little kitten called Biscuit in ‘The Kitten in Paris!’ Read it here -

Once upon a time there was a kitten that lived with a little girl called Ellie. The kitten was called Biscuit and she dreamed of travelling to lots of places. She was very excited when Ellie told her that her mum and dad were taking her to Paris that day. The kitten thought she would be going too, but Ellie told him that Mrs Kelly from next door was going to look after her and come in everyday to see her. Biscuit was very sad and did not want to be left behind, so at the last minute she sneaked into Ellie’s suitcase and they set off to Paris!

The kitten found it very dark and bumpy on the ferry and was a little frightened, but was so excited that she tried to be brave. Soon they arrived in Paris and went to Ellie’s hotel. Ellie had unzipped the suitcase and when no one was looking the cheeky kitten sneaked out of the suitcase and went to explore.

First she went to a French café, where she saw a waffle with cream left on a table, she licked it and licked it and gobbled the waffle all up. Next, she went into a chocolate shop, her little mouth watered as she smelt the wonderful smells and she decided to try some of the beautiful chocolates in different shapes and sizes. She ate so much her little tummy hurt.

The kitten decided to go for a walk and ended up in a lift. When it stopped she got out and could not believe her eyes, she could see the whole of Paris. It was amazing, Biscuit realised that she was at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Getting tired after all of the adventures in Paris, Biscuit decided to go back to the hotel for a rest, she climbed back  into Ellie’s suitcase, curled up in a ball and fell fast asleep.

She slept for so long that when she woke up she was back in Ellie’s room at home.

“You cute little kitty, how did you get in there?” Ellie said when she saw Biscuit in her suitcase.

“Mum I think Biscuit came to Paris in my suitcase.” Ellie said to her mum.” Don’t be silly Ellie, kittens don’t climb into suitcases to go travelling.” Ellie thought for a minute, “your right mum, kittens don’t go having adventures in Paris”.

Biscuit sat purring on Ellie’s bed thinking about what a great adventure she had just had in Paris. She wondered where her next trip would take her and what exciting adventures she would have there.

Ellie sat down and drew a picture of the Eiffel tower with Biscuit at the top. She wanted to take her picture to school to show her teacher. When Ellie’s mum saw the picture she said “what a lovely picture, I think Biscuit would have liked it there”. We know Biscuit did like Paris, don’t we?

The End

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