Young Story Writer entry, ‘ All Aboard’ by Ella Norman, age 7 - Al Fresco Holidays

It’s great to read kids are creating their stories for our Young Story Writer competition from real experiences! Check out Ella Norman’s story about her journey travelling on a ferry in ‘All Aboard’,  here

Ella closed her eyes and turned the music up on her new iPod. It was her favourite Birthday present and playing was her favourite song. “Mum why can’t I have a window seat, please mum, please it’s not fair, Mum please can I have it?”. George, age 6 always had to have the window seat, no matter where they were.  George and his windows bugged Ella. Mum always let him have the window and it seemed to Ella the ferry to France would be no different.  “Oh come on girls he is the littlest” she would say cheerfully.

Lauren, their big sister aged 11, was telling everyone (even though no one was listening), that she had seen a crab (some show on TV) bite someone’s toe completely off and that she was going to wear her shoes day and night for the entire trip and only, she said this twice “ONLY” would she take them off if she was going to change the colour of her nail varnish.

The seats on the ferry were really nice, they even had a table and it was a massive table too, room for all three of them and Mum and Dad to spread their stuff out. There was a little bit of trouble when Lauren pushed her pencil case onto Ella’s side of the table.  “She should stick to her own space” Ella told Mum as she pushed it back on to Lauren’s side. Mum smiled at the two of them, “the ferry is huge girls don’t you think?” She said.

Well to be fair it was much bigger than Ella had expected and as Dad had said, “it was so big they even drove their car into it and parked it at the bottom!” Lots and lots of families had driven their cars on too, it was really exciting. Upstairs the boat or was it a ferry? “Ferry”  said Dad, “boat” said Mum, Ella didn’t know the difference and  didn’t really care.

As soon as they had climbed the big stairs from the car park they came into a huge lounge with carpets and tables, Ella spotted at least two shops. Ella was pretty sure they sold kids magazines, cuddly toys, sweets and sunglasses, she needed some new sun glasses she thought to herself.  Then there were two restaurants, a café selling posh coffee, the stuff that Aunty Sophie drinks and then there was the best yet, a room for kids with films playing!  This was so, so much better than an aeroplane thought Ella.

“What will it be like” asked George? “It’s going to be great” said Dad “you have a swimming pool each and there is even one for Mum!”.  “No way” said Lauren, “way” said Dad, giving his big toothy grin. “You will make loads of new friends at the Disco later”, Mum chipped in “and there are two play parks and they even make Pizzas in the café, so it’s Pizza for tea tonight!”  “REALLY!” we all screamed.  “Really” said Mum and Dad.

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