Young Story Writer entry, ‘The Underwater Rescue Journey’ by Olivia Summers, age 8 - Al Fresco Holidays

It was a hard decision but today’s entry of the day for our Young Story Writer competition is from eight year old Olivia Summers. Take a look at her story about an adventure underwater in ‘The Underwater Rescue Journey’ here -

Claire was at the beach. It was a bright sunny day and Claire longed to paddle in the sea. She was a brave and adventurous girl and was always looking for adventure. She decided to make a sand castle; she dug up the sand to make it. Surprisingly, she found a necklace in the sand, she rushed home but for some odd reason something told her not to tell Mum and Dad so she did not.

That night something strange happened. She seemed to hear a voice that was calling her to the water and to put the necklace on. She put the necklace on and suddenly she felt herself falling through the air, and then felt cool water against her skin. Before she knew it she was breathing underwater. She looked around slowing at the wonderful underwater world, there were lots of sea creatures, but for some reason there was something missing. There did not seem to be any dolphins around. Cautiously, she looked around to try and find some dolphins but instead she found a mermaid. The mermaid was called Crystal and she asked her what her name was. Shyly, Claire introduced herself, the mermaid suddenly said “You’re the one I called here, I did not think you were coming” said Crystal in a loud voice. “Sorry” said Claire quietly, and with a puzzled look on her face. “I will show you around the underwater world” explained Crystal.

Crystal showed Claire around, the underwater world was beautiful. There was sharp coral and seaweed, sand as shiny as gold and colourful sea creatures swimming everywhere. Claire loved the underwater world but was sad because she could not see any dolphins. Crystal explained to Claire how The Dark Queen had captured them and turned them into her slaves. “I summoned you here with the necklace because I need your help” said Crystal in a quiet voice “Shall we try and stop her then” said Claire, in a courageous voice. “Ok” said Crystal. “To do that we need to go to the Dark Queen’s lair” said Crystal, her voice trembling.

The two girls started to swim to her lair. When they got there they saw it was dark and horrible. The Dark Queen was not there, so Crystal decided to steal her spell book and turn the dolphins back to normal. They crept into the Queen’s lair, being as quiet as mice, hoping against hope that they would not be caught. They just about managed to get the spell book. “Why did we need to get it because it is no use if the spell is not in there” said Claire. Crystal found the spell in the book and turned the dolphins back to normal again. The dolphins leapt around in the sea and then Claire and Crystal had a party to celebrate the successful rescue. The Dark Queen was furious.

Claire went home to put the necklace in a safe place for the next time she was summoned to the underwater world.

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