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It’s great to see so many interesting themes for our Young Story Writer competition. We love this football themed entry from Jack Wybrow called ‘A Journey into the World of Football’. Have a read here -

Steve was an ordinary kid, he played football, and he loved football. The day after training for a big match, Steve went to school thoroughly excited. He plays for a small village just off of the coast of Blistall called Capon. It was a big match because it was the league cup final!

“Apparently there’s going to be a huge crowd tomorrow“, gasped one of Steve’s friends happily. “Why does today have to be the longest day in the entire universe” whispered Steve, “I wish the clocks could go faster,” it was like the math’s lesson would never end! School finally ended and when the bell rang, Steve dashed home, finished his homework, ate dinner and went to bed.

The next morning Steve woke up and he couldn’t believe that it was the day of the league cup final. “Steve, time for breakfast” his mother called. Steve walked down the stairs and replied “I’m quite nervous but excited at the same time”, so his mum gave Steve some tips such as, just take deep breaths, enjoy it and we’re all going to be supporting you every step of the way! “Ok” Steve replied, “but what if I make a fool of myself in front of a huge crowd”, Steve suddenly realised unhappily. Mum sighed, “you won’t…..just play to the best of your ability, like you always do, and you’ll be fine”.

After breakfast Steve found his blue and white stripy kit, put it on and jumped into the car. When Mum, Dad and Steve arrived it was very busy, all you could hear were boots clattering on the ground, car engines and kids chatting loudly. Steve raced out of the car, eager to get going. The coach got started with a game of cops and robbers, passing and headers. “Right, time for the match” the coach shouted. “Come on Steve” his mother said encouragingly, “you can do it” she continued. The referee blew his whistle and the game began.

They were playing a good side, but all of the players got stuck in. The game started well, Ryan crossed in the ball and Steve just got his head onto it but accidentally hit the post. The ball rebounded, Steve volleyed it back towards the goal and scored a fantastic goal. He was feeling great. After fifteen minutes of passing, tackling and running the referee blew his whistle for half time.

They came back on for the second half, as soon as the ball was touched Steve lounged himself into a slide tackle. “Great challenge Steve” shouted his coach. After a promising second half the game ended and they had won. While Steve was celebrating a scout from Spurs football team was talking to his coach. Suddenly his coach called him over, “Steve there’s important news I need to tell you, you have been spotted by Jude from spurs”. “Wow” Steve replied.

One week later Steve got ready for the trials, he gave it his best but did he do enough……..

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