Young Story Writer entry, The Once in a Lifetime Trip, by Georgina Haynes, age 10 - Al Fresco Holidays

It’s getting harder and harder to choose an entry of the day for our Young Story Writer competition, all of the entries are so great! Read today’s entry, The Once in a Lifetime Trip, by Georgina Haynes.

“Rosie, there’s a letter  for you,” cried Dad. “Coming,” I replied, as I ran downstairs. I gingerly took the envelope and opened it. “I’ve won. I’ve won a competition.”
“What’s going on? asked Samuel. “Please be quiet Samuel, I’ve won a competition that’s all,” I replied. “We are going to a place called Euro Disney.”
“Euro Disney, that’s a park with rides, shows, attractions and fun,” explained Bobby.  “So, may we go?” I asked. “Hmm, Er, OK, OK.” Said Mum. “YES, YES, THANK YOU!!” I screamed.

It’s today. Today we go to France. At 7:00am we got into our little car and drove to the port. It was the most boring journey EVER! I’m writing in the car so if it’s wobbly you know why. We drove through a wonderful village. There were green bushes with pink, orange and blue blossoms. It looked like my Nan’s garden, so I sniffed. I loved my Nan. After the village we went through a tunnel. A train rattled overhead. “WAAAA, I don’t like loud noises!” cried Bobby. He kept on crying so we gave him a mint to suck on. Suddenly we stopped and I hit the front seat. “Whoa, what’s going on,” I cried.

“We’re here at the port,” replied Dad. I turned to the window and saw a giant ship with smoke pouring out of the funnel. We got out of the car and unloaded the bags onto a ‘bag carrier’ as Bobby called it. Then we boarded the ship. “Big boat!” exclaimed Bobby. He’s 7 now, but he acts like a 5 year old.  After we had unpacked we went down to dinner. Soon it was time for bed. I was so tired I went straight to sleep.

“Wake up Rosie. You need to pack.” Dad called from outside the door. I rubbed my eyes and stretched. I had brought a lot, but I hadn’t got anything out, so I was done. Instead I picked up a book and read. After a while water started dripping on my head. I peered out of my room and saw the hall floor was wet. Very wet. It was sloshing from side to side. Dad ran out. “Quick” he shouted. “Grab your bag and run. The ship has sprung a leak. GO!” So I did just that. We were ushered onto the deck and helped into life boats as the ship began to sink. We were squashed together like sardines in a tin. The boat rocked, children screamed and people threw up! Seeing this made me feel queasy too. It seemed as though this went on forever, but in reality it was only an hour. Eventually we hit some land. Luckily a station was nearby, so we boarded a train bound for Euro Disney and set off. As we arrived at the gates the nightmare of the journey was forgotten. “Wow” exclaimed everybody. And so the once in a lifetime trip began.

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