Young Story Writer competition entry, Journey into a Volcano by Benjamin Whittaker, age 6 - Al Fresco Holidays

We’ve had some really creative entries in for our Young Story Writer competition! Take a look at Benjamin Whittaker’s story, ‘Journey into a Volcano’ here!

One day I was on a boring hike in the countryside with my mum, dad and brother Edward. We were going up a mountain and I was miles ahead of those slow-coaches. I was nearly at the top of the mountain and they were all still right near the bottom, busy looking at a butterfly.

Suddenly the whole top of the mountain began to rumble and wobble, and then the whole of the top of the mountain collapsed. It wasn’t a mountain, it was a volcano and I was falling into the middle of it. Oh no!

I fell through the air for miles and then landed on a rock that was floating on a big pool of red hot lava. The lava started to bubble and then, whoosh, it all shot up into the air and out of the top of the volcano. I was pushed up into the air holding on as tight as I could onto the rock. The lava was spewing out of the volcano and flowing down the mountain at about 100 miles per hour. I landed on a rock on the lava and slid down the mountain like a really fast water slide. Wee!

At the bottom of the mountain there was river with a wooden bridge going over it. Mum, Dad and Edward ran over the bridge just in time before the lava burned it away. The lava flowed into the river so they were safe on the other side.

The rock I was sitting on started to melt from the heat of the lava and was getting smaller and smaller. I landed in the river just in time before it disappeared. The lava made the river like a nice warm bath, and I went for a lovely swim.

The End

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