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Top Holiday Gadgets - Al Fresco Holidays

There is always plenty to do on an Al Fresco holiday, to joining in with activities and exploring the local tourist spots.  However, for afternoons spent lazing on the beach, or relaxing on your sun drenched veranda, it is now easier to keep connected and entertained with the wide selection of gadgets available. From indestructible digital cameras with tiny sizes and huge memories, to laptops on which you can watch films, read books and fit easily into your handbag; there is nothing you cannot do with your holiday gadgets whilst abroad.

Digital camera

There was once a time when holiday pictures were taken using a large, heavy camera onto temperamental film. It would be weeks before a yellow envelope would slip through your letter box, revealing a packet of blurry, finger printed images of people’s feet and the back of strangers heads.

There is now no excuse for bad photo taking with the new generation of digital cameras. Not only do they give you the opportunity to view your photos as you take them, but they also can store thousands of images and film shots. They fit easily into your back pocket and remain durable enough to withstand many adventures. New features include water resistance, for pool side picture taking and geo-location, so you never forget where the photo was taken.  From pictures of your kids splashing around in the shallow water, to snaps of your Al Fresco mobile home which will make your friends green with envy; take pictures which will keep all your holiday memories alive.


Nothing will ever beat the smell and feel of an old hard back book, fresh from the shelf of a library. However, for any one who has attempted to read a book by the swimming pool in the summer heat, you will recognise the challenges; from the pages falling out as the glue melts, to the ink smearing on your face as you fall asleep, or those splashy dive bombs from the kids causing all the pages to stick together.  Books and holidays do not mix, that is why an e reader is an essential holiday gadget; not only does it stores many more books than you will ever cram into your suitcase, it is also easy to use, durable (as long as used sensibly) and makes reading on holiday simple.


If you can’t survive a day without checking your email, or catching up with the daily gossip on your favourite socal network sites, then a laptop, netbook or tablet is a must have for your holiday. Whether you want to plan your daily adventures, check out local restaurant/attraction reviews, catch up with the news at home or watch a film at night, your versatile mobile computing device will allow you to do all of this whilst still being able to slip into your hand luggage. There are plenty of child friendly games available for when the little ones get restless on long drives in the back seat and applications helping you check local exchange rates, weather forecasts and sight seeing spots.

Satellite Navigation

You’ve been driving for hours admiring the natural sights and impressive views; now its time to head back to your campsite and you haven’t got a clue where you are. Driving on holiday can be an exciting adventure but it doesn’t need to mean hours crawling through the countryside trying to locate your self on a map. Satellite Navigation whether on route to somewhere in particular or just out for a drive is a must when it comes to finding your way through the French outback.

Mobile Phone

Who could forget your trusted mobile phone. Whether you’re ultra up to date with the latest smart phone or rocking retro with a classic hand device; one gadget you can’t leave home without is your mobile. From getting hold of your Al Fresco representative, to keeping in touch with your relatives and keeping track of your children, being reachable is a necessity whilst on holiday (even if you turn it off during office hours when you’d rather not be disturbed).

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