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Taking your car on holiday - Al Fresco Holidays

Whether the thought of flying gives you nightmares, or you just want the freedom to take a couple of road trips during your vacation; many people are choosing to take their car on holiday.  Remember to check the Al Fresco website for whether a car is recommended for your specific camping holiday.

Below are some top tips before starting your journey by car this summer…

Check car requirements

In France, Italy and Spain there are strict guidelines regarding what you must carry inside your car, if you are stopped and fail to produce the items then you can be at risk of receiving a fine. Items include:

  • A GB sticker (if GB is not already shown on your number plate.)
  • Warning triangles in case of a break down.
  • Headlamp converters so you do not dazzle other road users.
  • Reflective Jackets to be kept within easy reach.
  • Light bulbs and the ability to change them.
  • In France it is now compulsory to carry two NF approved breathalyzer in the car (Note: the drink driving limit is less in these countries at 50mg per 100ml of blood).
  • In Italy, when carrying overhanging items such as bikes, your car must be fitted with a red and white reflective panel.
  • It is also recommended that you carry with you a travel first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Toll roads

The roads in these European destinations are very well maintained by requiring a toll charge from all those who use them. These charges depend on the road and how long you spend on them.  These toll roads can be avoided if you so wish but they do take time off your journey.  When planning your route remember to factor in these small expenses.


Now you can sail closer than ever to your holiday destination, saving you money on fuel and toll roads and giving you more time to spend relaxing in the sun.  With short ferries and over night ferries there are plenty on offer to fit your needs whether you’re sailing with children or as a couple.  For more information about choosing the right ferry path for you and how to book, visit the designated Al Fresco travel options page.

Factor in arrival times

When planning your journey bare in mind check in at your campsite is from 4pm.  If you are wanting to leave at day break to arrive on site earlier in the day, then you may find yourself waiting for your mobile home to be prepared for you.  If you are arriving earlier then make sure you have your holiday representative’s contact number as a quick phone call before you arrive can make all the difference.

Insurance/break down cover

You’ve insured your camera, camcorder and even yourselves, but is your car covered?  Different car insurers have different rules and regulations regarding driving abroad and it’s worth giving them a call at least a week before your trip.  It’s also worth the extra money to get your car covered in case of a break down overseas.

Highway code

Street signs and road markings may have different meanings abroad so take some time learning what these are to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.


Each of our Al Fresco campsites comes with a different parking arrangement.  Before your trip remember to check on your specific campsites page on the Al Fresco website, as it tells you whether there is on pitch or off pitch parking for your vehicle.

Road trip

Taking your car abroad doesn’t only save you money and hassle, it also gives you the opportunity to explore the region at your own pace.  From adventurous drives through the mountains to magical explorations of the local cities after night fall, there are plenty of exceptional places and moments to be discovered.  Research online, check the Al Fresco website and ask your Al Fresco representatives about routes and local tourist attractions and turn your journey into a memorable part of your holiday.

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