Young Story Writer entry, The Sea Hills and the Journey to Candyland by Phoebe Lou-stong, age 8 - Al Fresco Holidays

We’re really enjoying reading the Young Story Writer entries that we have received! If you need some inspiration for your story, check out a great entry from eight year old Phoebe Lou-Strong here.

Once there was a little girl called Ellie. She had a favourite beach that was full of beautiful shells and waves that licked the beach, she called them sea hills. One night when the moon was full, a door opened in a big sea hill and that’s how it all started.

Inside the Seahill there was a table set out with pizza on it and drinks like cherryade and orangeade. She ate it all up. “Oh! You ate it all up!” said a voice. “Oh. I’m awfully sorry” said Ellie. “It’s ok” said the voice. “My name is Mr Mole”. “Where are we going?” She asked. “I never know” He answered. then the Seahill stopped.

“We have arrived!” Mr Mole said. Ellie opened the door. “We are in Candyland!” said Mr Mole. Ellie ran out and grabbed handfuls of sweeties. She came back and gave them to Mr Mole. “Oh thankyou he said” I am not allowed out of my Seahill at night time.

Ellie wanted to go home because she was tired from the long trip. “Just stamp your feet three times and say home” said Mr Mole. So she did. “Good bye Mr Mole!” she called out, then opened her eyes and found herself back on her beautiful beach. She looked out at the sea and smiled when she saw the waves crashing and remembered her friend in the Seahill.

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