Young Story Writer entry, A Dream Journey by Amelia Pounds, aged 11 - Al Fresco Holidays

We’ve received some great entries for our Young Story Writer competition so far. We especially love Amelia Pound’s story called ‘A Dream Journey’, read it here.

One gloomy, grey winter morning Samantha the sheep was munching on her grass flakes when the post arrived. A glossy and glamorous looking envelope dropped on to her doormat.

What an unexpected arrival!

It read: Dear Samantha, we are delighted to tell you that you’ve won a chance to feature in the newest musical, BAARONICA! At Sheep’s Hall in Moo York City, America. We are looking forward to meeting you on the 1st May. Yours sincerely, Farm Productions Inc.

Samantha couldn’t believe her audition had been a success. Her Irish Sheep dance had gone down a storm. But how was she going to get to America? Samantha had never even left her home town Sheepton before. She was going to need some help, so she called her friend Stanley. Stanley explained she was going to have to travel on an aeroplane! Over the next few months Samantha got more and more anxious, she was not looking forward to the flight.

RIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNG went the alarm bell.

It was the morning of Samantha’s departure. Unfortunately it was raining so she decided to pay for a taxi out of half of her savings. The traffic was busy the taxi driver was grumpy. At last she arrived at the airport and boarded the plane. Once she was up in the air she began to relax and enjoy herself. Only two hours past and an announcement flooded the plane: “Sorry but a plane is no place for animals– all sheep please leave now! Thank you for your time and have a good day.”

Samantha’s heart sank, her mouth went dry. Before she knew it she was parachuting out of the plane headed towards land. She landed near a cross roads, North, South, East or West?

Samantha felt dizzy. A strange rumbling sound came from the distance. It was a bus and it was going to Moo York. She used the other half of her savings to pay the fare. The bus travelled all day and night finally it arrived and the bus driver directed her to the backstage area of Sheep’s Hall. She approached a strange looking tent. It looked like a tepee, she crept towards it.

Suddenly a malevolent like figure began to emerge … “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” went Samantha “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” went the other creature, and then there was a silent pause, then a chuckle and then a splutter of laughter.

“Hi I am Boris, Boris the horse,” chuckled the figure.

“I am Samantha, Samantha the sheep. You will probably see me on the TV one day, I am going to be a STAR,” she boasted. Boris was startled but soon got over this interruption and began to gobble his green apples again. “If you are here for the sheep auditions you are a day late,” grinned Boris.  Oh no what a wasted journey!

Everything started to blur “I am never going to be a star” she cried. Boris started to speak but all Samantha could hear was

She woke with a start.

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