Charlie Jennings-sewell

Le Viaduc de Millau - Al Fresco Holidays

Whilst driving through the French countryside past vibrant green fields, cattle grazing and the expanse of vine yards, make sure you take a detour past a miracle of man made design; The Millau bridge.

Officially named Le Viaduc de Millau, the tallest bridge in world (343 metres high) was opened in 2004 to carry the heavy high season traffic from Paris to Spain.  However, the results were not merely a bridge designed for utility  but an amazing piece of modern architecture.

Positioned on the major French highway, the A75, there are look out points and an information centre dedicated to the bridge.  Although the view from the top is impressive, be prepared for a steep hill climb.  For the optimum view (with less of the hike) remain in the car park and gaze up at the bridge in all its magnificence.

For those who wish to view the spectacle from the warmth of their car, the experience of passing over the bridge is just as breath taking.  The piers stretch out endlessly above you, and the views of the Millau countryside below, is exceptional.

Taking over from the Eiffel tower as the tallest structure in France, the Millau Viaduct is one site not to be missed when visiting the Languedoc region (or just passing through) next summer.

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