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Cirque de Navacelles, the Natural Wonder of Languedoc - Al Fresco Holidays

Forget photographs of half built sand castles and dad snoozing of the beach; if you want holiday snaps that will really make the in-laws gasp, then head to Languedoc with Al Fresco and experience the giant oxbow basin of the Cirque de Navacelles.

Formed by the meandering Vis River, the Cirque de Navacelles was originally an oxbow lake.  Over many years the lake evaporated leaving a great canyon and in the centre, a small hill of fertile land. It was on this central summit that a small village was built.

5 km below the rim of the canyon is the picturesque village of Navacelles itself.  The journey to the bottom is one worth taking, though be sure to drive carefully down the thin winding roads.   Once at the bottom you will find picturesque waterfalls, children splashing around playfully in the shallow water as families share picnics on the river bank.

There are plenty of small souvenir shops to browse for the perfect gift, or enjoy a traditional crepe whilst sat outside in the French sunshine.  Despite being a small village there are many tiny cobbled streets to explore and countless photo opportunities with the towering mountains as your back drop.

For those who enjoy good quality food with a view, the restaurant situated at the rim of the Cirque de Navacelles offers a delicious menu with an amazing veranda overlooking the whole of the basin.  Enjoy a glass of wine or a strong expresso whilst wondering how nature could create something so vast yet beautiful.

Cirque de Navacelles is only a hour and a half drive from the Al Fresco campsites in Languedoc, so remember to charge your camera and take a day trip you will remember for a life time.

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