Charlie Jennings-sewell

Ahoy there! Step on board for Al Fresco Summer Game's 'Pirate Treasure Hunt!'


Evil Captain Black beard has stolen the Al Fresco booty an’ destroyed the map. However, in his haste o’ stealing the treasure, the evil Seafarin’ hearty has left clues all over the isle o’ Nouvelle Floride! The reps at Al Fresco Summer Games at Les Mediterranees have managed to find half their valuable treasure map but now we need help to track down the evil sea dog an’ reclaim what be rightfully ours.

The quest be unfortunately not as easy as it seems. Somehow, Black Beard has ‘erd of our quest to conquer him, an’ he be not going down without a fight. During our adventure we must be on careful watch as Black Beard could be hiding anywhere. Thankfully for us, there be help at hand in the shape o’ Al Fresco Summer Games families. These brave, courageous crews sail in from all over the world, with one goal; to find the treasure.

At the start of our adventure, all our crews be having is a handle of a sword, a piece of map an’ a water balloon. These water balloons be our only protection from the lustily evil buccanneer, one hit an’ he will flee. Their first clue be a jumbled up jigsaw of an old parchment, destroyed many voyages ago. Our crew’s frantically work out the puzzle, uncovering the first clue: ‘Ye olde Pirate football team ‘The Peg Legs’ used to play football ‘ere at the Al Fresco Summer Games Football Tournaments.’ The families bawl out “the Multi Sports Pitch” an’ find it quickly on the maps. With the water balloons clutched tightly to their chests, they leave the safety o’ the kidz club tent an’ be stepping out in the unknown world o’ Nouvelle Floride Isle.

A mere two minutes into the journey there be panic, Black Beard has discovered their whereabouts an’ tracked them down. Battle commences. Water balloons fly through the air, all rationality lost. He flees, leaving the squadrons cheering an’ celebrating their win.

It doesn’t last for long, they soon be all racing towards the second clue. It be a picture o’ an old boat which sits by Nouvelle Floride drinking hole. Once again the kids take the lead, parents following after them. . The next clue leads them to the second piece of sword an’ a box o’ shells. Looking carefully they be noticing that some o’ the shells have letters painted onto their rugged surfaces. Soon they be laid out on the ground an’ rearranged. Crew members shout out suggestions, to what it could possibly be an anagram of. Finally, a word appears: ‘Laundrette’.

When they arrive, they find a message in a grog bottle, they have no idea how long it has waited there for them. They can only hope that whatever scoundrel left the message, they be still waiting at the bar, where they say they will be.

‘Ye Olde Beach Bar’ be luckily, pretty quiet for a Friday eve. Sitting huddled in a corner be an old Australian Pirate; in his hand be an envelope. The kids approach him cautiously an’ ask for his help, so starved o’crewmate interaction, the only way the old swashbuckler can communicate be through riddles. It takes three riddles for the pirate to hand over the envelope, which holds the final segment of the swords an’ the most important section o’ the maps. In a gesture o’good will, the old pirate swashbuckler offers the crews some special tape to fix their blades so they may make their final journey to complete the mission. Swords complete, the crews set off for the Al Fresco reception on the dark isle o’Charlemagne.

When they arrive they find evil sea dog Black Beard bunkin’ peacefully in his shack, the Al Fresco booty tucked under his dirty arm. They formulate a plan, a member o’ each crew will knudge the sleeping pirate awake with their swords. When he awakes an’ leaves his lair the last remaining water balloon will defeat him. The plan goes flawlessly. Captain Black Beard be defeated an’ Al Frescos treasure returned. They kids cheer an’ share the treasure amongst themselves, so proud o’ their achievement.

For the time being, Black Beard will no longer be bothering the Les Mediterranees Al Fresco reps. However, we know that he won’t stay away for ever an’ very soon we will require another crew of courageous pirates to help us protect the Al Fresco Treasure. Arrrggghhhh!

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