Charlie Jennings-sewell

Join Al Fresco Summer Games as we enter the magical world of Harry Potter

You can feel the excitement bubbling as the families take their seats in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, or as its known on a typical day, Al Fresco Kids club.  Kids babble at high speed to their parents, about their favourite house and which character they would turn into a frog, given the opportunity.  Welcome to the Harry Potter Quest at Al Fresco Summer Games.

Families call out which team they would like to be in, all choosing the heroic Gryffindor.  However, at Hogwarts it is the house that chooses the students.  Each team dips their hands cautiously into the special Al Fresco sorting hat and their fate for this game is decided.

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw all have a different path ahead of them, but their main goal remains the same.  To collect the vital potion ingredients that will ultimately defeat Lord Voldemort.

Skin of snake, eye balls of newt, hair of a unicorn and fairy dust are the ingredients they must find.  They are hidden all over the magical world of Les Méditerranées Beach Club.  Only by following the clues and completing the tasks, will they beable to locate the ingredients and bring them back to Hogwarts.  Once all the ingredients are returned, we will beable to create the potion which will allow the students of Hogwarts to live in peace once again.

magic equipment

Each witch and wizard is armed with a wand and a magic spell.  They practise, flicking their wands and saying their spells before leaving the safe haven of Hogwarts.

Out of no where Lord Voldemort springs from the shadows,

“Beware Al Fresco, you will never defeat me! I am watching you.”

He disappears off into the wilderness, leaving a chill running down our spines.  The teams must remember their spells and keep their wands at the ready if they are to survive the journey ahead.

We wish them luck as, first clue gripped in their hands, they begin their Harry Potter adventure.

For the next half an hour we wait patiently for their return, fearing the worst, maybe Voldemort has been too much for our courageous magical families.  However, in the distance we hear the cry of children’s voices and the first of the families return, hands full of ingredients which we add carefully to our awaiting cauldron.

One by one the rest of the families return and include their own finds.  The cauldron starts to bubble and churn, the families chant their spells and with a puff of smoke, the mixture of ingredients is replaced with a cauldron full of water balloons.  The children cheer happily and take a balloon, ready for their next instruction.

The water balloons alone will not save them from Voldemort, they must use their specially allocated spells.  As we prepare to practise the chant once more,  Lord Voldemort appears, his wand raised above his head and a frightful look in his eyes.  The families are too fast for him, what follows is a chorus of magical spells and waterbombs.  They are too much for Lord Voldemort and in a whip of his cloak he has vanished far away from Hogwarts.

The families and Reps are euphoric, their spells worked, we are all safe.  There is something left over in the cauldron, silver packages of sweets as a reward for their courage and aid.

As they leave Hogwarts, their mouths full of jelly beans, maps still held tightly in their hands,  they talk amongst themselves about their adventures.  Here at Al Fresco Summer Games we know that when they return home, they will tell their friends of their holiday to Les Méditerranées Beach Club and how they swam in the pool, ate ice cream on the beach and saved Hogwarts from the evil clutches of Lord Voldemort.

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