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The Summer Games Take A Short Road Trip To Cote de Nacre ! - Thomson Al Fresco Blog

Yesterday saw, for the final time this season, the Summer Games take a short road trip to Cote de Nacre, Normandy. Al Fresco had partnered up with the on-site animation team as part of the “Mini Club” to run a two-hour action packed session.


You could hear the children coming from a distance, singing and chanting a French song. Their eyes lit up as they rushed over to look at all the Summer Games equipment spread over the grassed area. The two-hour session included activities such as Sports Day, Summer Fete plus a few from The Cube.


Sack Race at Cote de Nacre Summer Games

Teams including French, English and Dutch children were formed and you could see the excitement growing on their faces. The events got underway with laughter filling the air. The atmosphere was, as always, great with everyone shouting for his or her team members.


Attracted by the noise, crowds formed around the outside of the grassed area. Suddenly new teams were entered and the noise level increased again. Everyone wanted to be in on the action and have a go at beating the highest score.  The most competitive activity had to be the “Box Ball” game taken from The Cube. Everyone wanted another go but unfortunately we had so much to get through we didn’t have time!


The Summer Games Javelin Throw

Favourite activities for the children included javelin, sack race, darts and tug of war! Points were collected and medals awarded to everyone taking part. The Summer Games activity session at Cote de Nacre ran during the afternoon every fortnight. Although the last session has now been completed for this season please keep checking about what other activity options are available for next year.


Alongside the activity programme there is an indoor and outdoor pool, outdoor play area, bouncy castle and an on-site restaurant which sells traditional French food including moules et frites. The smell is always mouth watering and this is reflected in the number of people in the dining area at lunchtime


Cote de Nacre Play Area

A short walk from the campsite takes you to the beach. The beach goes on as far as the eye can see with restaurants and gift shops lining the promenade. The atmosphere at both the site and the seafront is warm and welcoming  – ideal for family holidays. With only a short drive to Brittany and Chateau des Ormes you could look at splitting your holiday between Cote de Nacre and Chateau des Ormes to guarantee an action packed holiday for all the family!

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