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Marina de Venezia day trip to Venice, Murano and Burano - Al Fresco Holidays

This week I was lucky enough to join the Marco Polo cruise to Venice and it certainly lived up to my expectations! Venice is a city like no other on Earth; replace roads with canals, high street shops for designer boutiques and fish and chips for Italian gelato.

During the 30 minute boat trip, the tour guide explained Venice’s history and culture (in fluent Dutch, English, German and Italian!) and on arrival we were taken to the gondoliers for a row on the Grand Canal to join the hundreds of other boats of tourists, workers and Venetians.

I was happy to find myself in a gondolier traffic-jam, enjoying gently bobbing along in the sun in front of the stunning architecture – if only every traffic-jam was this relaxing!

However, I was surprised that the highlight of my day wasn’t Venice. The cruise also took us to two islands next to Venice, namely Burano and Murano.

Burano is a stunning little island famous for its handmade lace, filled with brightly coloured buildings and local market stalls. It has the same features as Venice, the bridges, canals and tiny cobbled streets, but it seems calmer and less cosmopolitan.

Murano is about 10 minutes from Burano and it is where all of Venice’s glass-works are situated. Again, it retains the classic Venetian style but this island feels more industrial than the others.

We were shown how they create their products by a local glass master (a role which requires 20 years of training). There are some amazing glass shops here, so if you’re looking for a memorable souvenir from your time at Marina de Venezia, head to Murano!

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