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It’s the middle of August but something spooky is going on at the Al Fresco Kidz Club as Halloween has come early at Château des Ormes, Northern Brittany!

The morning session started off with making our spooky costumes, with our capes and masks. Before we knew it the children had turned into vampires, devils, werewolves and Frankenstein’s all ready for ‘Trick or Treating’ later.
For the children to have something to take back to their mobile homes, and let everyone know it was Halloween in the middle of summer, they made their own spooky black bats. When all the bats hang from the ceiling they look as though they had come to life, swooping above our heads in the Kidz Club tent.

The gruelling ghost hunt followed, where the children had to find 12 of the ghosts that had escaped from Chateau Des Ormes . Each ghost had a clue on the back to find the next. Children put their detective skills to the test and explored around the campsite to return the ghosts to their rightful place.

With our costumes and terrifying masks on, the Kidz Club ventured up to the Al Fresco mobile homes to scare their parents! Knocking from door to door the children would shout ‘TRICK OR TREAT’ hoping for sweets and chocolate, but prepared with a trick or joke if not.

Having knocked on every door that we could the children returned to the Kidz Club tent, continuously asking to start eating their treats, with smiles on their faces and bags full of sweets. Back at the tent the children would all be giggling and chatting away to each other about what goodies they managed to get. All hyped up and ready to drive their families crazy over lunchtime!

Kidz Club Pirate Treasure Hunt To Find Captain Blood


To join in on other fun we have down at the Al Fresco Kidz Club we run 2 sessions a day (10 til 12, 4 til 6), 5 times a week. With sessions such as Treasure Hunt, Alfie Al Fresco Action Hero, Al Fresco Olympics and Army Camouflage. See you there!

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