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Daisy Joins The Activity Team At Chateau Des Ormes - Thomson Al Fresco Blog

Daisy During A "Bug Hunt" at Chateau des Ormes

Daisy is the latest recruit of the Al Fresco Activity Team at Chateau des Ormes. Daisy is a 5 year old Friesian cow, a toy the kids love to have in their sights.

The children take it in turns to carry Daisy around the site and to sit on their table as they create all sorts of arts and crafts. Daisy has now become a favourite mascot at the Kidz Club and Summer Games here at Chateau Des Ormes, Northern Brittany.

Her favourite game is ‘Daisy Says’ while leading the kids around the site during the Nature Trail and Captain Blood’s Treasure Hunt. The children all get to take it in turns, holding Daisy and leading “Daisy Says”. Families have been heard talking about Daisy and what has been happening at the Al Fresco activity sessions as they walk back to their mobile homes.


Between the Al Fresco Kidz Club sessions Daisy loves to MOO-ch around the campsite getting to know everyone and making new friends. Daisy loves to wonder up to the petting farm and stables to see the chickens, goats and ponies. She always gets lots of attention whilst waiting for the children to go on their pony trek. Although Daisy loves all the things to do at Chateau des Ormes her favorite thing is spending time around the Al Fresco mobile homes on the grass strip where all the children play outside and where Al Fresco Summer Games is held.

Daisy is UDDERLY mad about Summer Games and Al Fresco Olympics, and loves to cheer the teams on as they charge through the finish line! Grabbing the bull by the horns so to speak, Daisy seizes all opportunities to get involved with the children and their activities! But when the spontaneous water fights occur, Daisy has to take shelter back in the tent.

Daisy at Chateau des Ormes With The Club

She has no BEEF whatsoever about the weather, and just like the activity team never lets it put a dampener on the days plans at Chateau des Ormes. After Al Fresco’s got talent shows she always MILKS the applause as everyone takes their bow.

With one week left of the activity programme, if you’re staying at Chateau des Ormes make sure you come and say hello to Daisy. The activity team and Daisy would love to meet you!

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