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‘Muuuuum, I’m bored!’
On your average holiday, I’m willing to bet that just as you are starting to relax, this phrase gets thrown at you.
Well, at Union Lido, it’s not going to be an issue!


There are groups for different age brackets where the kids can make friends from all over the world, play games and have fun. (And more importantly, give you a break!) When you arrive, find more information on Fun Club, Mini Club, Junior Club, Baby Dance, Musical School, Model School at the Animations Office.


What’s the aim of a holiday if not to leave feeling better than you arrived? You can get fit at Scout Camp. Go at your own pace through the obstacle course and fitness test – why not set yourself a challenge and see if you can get quicker as the week goes on.

Don’t forget the sports tournaments so that you can show off your skills! Have a go at volleyball, football, dodgeball, tennis, etc.

Check out Pista Verde while you’re here too, it’s a skate rink and sports centre and it’s a good place to hang out even if you’re not playing.


If sports aren’t your forte, there are lots of options for you.

Try out Hobby Club for ceramic decoration and glass fusion or Rainbow Club for nature activities, handicrafts, treasure hunts, beach and park crafts, water activities, and scenic train rides around the Union Lido campsite.


Have a look at Funny World and Morbidosi for Go Karts, Jungle Golf, Gold Mine, River Ride, Game Arena, 5D Cinema and Inflatable Park.

‘I’m bored’? I don’t think so!

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