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boats at st tropez harbour
St Tropez harbour

Welcome to St.Tropez. “Get fresh, gotta stay fly”….that may be the ever so popular song that springs into some people’s mind when hearing the words St. Tropez.

However the ‘real’ St. Tropez is far from that. Its coastal chiqueness is easily accesible to Al Fresco customers staying in the Cote D’Azur.

I was spending my day off wisely and with my work’s camera attached firmly to my bag and a pen pad in hand I was certainly ready for the occasion.

I opted to head to Saint Raphael port and take the water shuttle over to this beautiful place. The boat cost 18 euros with set times for returning that day or you could spend 24 euros and get the last shuttle back that night and enjoy St. Tropez under the stars.

It was a nice relaxing boat journey and on the way you pass plenty of towns and beaches - perfect for a few holiday snaps.

Slowly arriving at St. Tropez port was like arriving on a movie set!  You could make out the old town to the left, and the rest of the sea was scattered with expensive yachts. The air was filled with sounds of laughter and engines roaring whilst I zoomed in and out with my camera in the hope I would spot a celebrity whizzing around the waters.

St. Tropez is glamour, glamour and more glamour.  There’s people in business suits bustling around and security men on most streets guarding treasure troves inside boutique walls. Even the most abandoned looking shops have great cast iron gates with a bell to buzz so security can come and collect you.

I spent half of day staring in awe at the boats anchored up in the harbour; dreaming of the day I can buy one,  whilst the ‘other half’ weaved in and out of the buildings absorbing the history behind them all.

However peel back the glitz and glam you will certainly appreciate what lured people to this picturesque fishing port all those years ago. Look beyond the yachts, famous people, millionaire business tycoons and the local Chanel and you’re guaranteed to see some history behind St. Tropez.

Tell me your experiences whilst visiting St.Tropez!

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