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“Hunt Me” Around Château des Ormes As Part of The Summer Games - Al Fresco Holidays

Late afternoon and everything was in place for the Summer Games “Hunt Me” at Château des Ormes. Clues had been hidden and tasks had been set to see who could earn the most points. The “Hunt Me” session was based on ideas Emma-Louise Bell shared with the Al Fresco activity team about what she was doing in La Baume, see her blogs for more information.

The activity session is designed to get families to explore the whole campsite and find area or information out that they might not have previously known. With eight tasks to do and five things to find out three teams were entered and team names were created. Rules were explained and The Angry Bird, The Rafters and The Gremlins were unleashed to go and explore Château des Ormes campsite.

Find The Pirate and Witch Hidden Around The Site

On their travels they would find words to create a rhyme, “crack the code”, learn how many pools are onsite and discover the pirate and witch hiding onsite.

The Angry Birds returned in record time only to find out they had miss the “Find Me Out” section to which they ran off to find out!

All teams returned safely after finding the pirate and witch. Scores had been collected and finalised but an assault course was in place ready to earn additional point! Two teams at a time would go head to head running, diving through tunnels and racing on space hoppers.

With a bit of persuasion all team members, including parents and grandparents, were queuing up ready to take part.

Family Fun At The Summer Games

In the true spirit of the  Al Fresco Summer Games the Kids Reps and I got convinced to form a fourth team. After persuading the adults to take part I think they saw it as friendly revenge!

I personally can’t remember the last time I did a space hopper race and I know why, half way down the course my legs were burning as the Gremlins started to stretch their lead.

With smiles on people faces and laughter to be heard the reps team ended up being last. With everyone wanting another go and people who had come out to watch wanting to be involved two teams were formed for one last race.

This included parents going on opposite teams to race each other! Even Grandad from The Gremlins stepped up for the final leg of his team. He employed a new tactic of getting in the tunnel, standing up and trying to run in it. As you could imagine it didn’t prove too successful but got everyone laughing…

With activities completed and scores finalised it was time for the awards ceremony. The Rafters were crowned “Hunt Me” winners with an impressive total!

The Al Fresco Summer Games medals were given out whilst people were reliving the recent events. As Kids Reps and I walked away you could hear children and parents talking about the session which will hopefully provide long lasting family memories.

If you were there, or have completed a similar session somewhere else, let us know what you thought and what you favourite task was! “Hunt Me” runs weekly at Château des Ormes so be sure to come and give it a go!

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