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The Cube at Al Fresco Summer Games - Thomson Al Fresco Blog

Have you always watched the ITV TV series ‘The Cube’ and thought you could do it? Well come along to Chateau des Ormes and give it a go as part of the Summer Games activity programme!

We have some games directly from the show, some slightly adapted and others we have come up with ourselves designed for family enjoyment.

One of the reps favourite is “Toilet Trouble”, it seems to guarantee family fun and laughter as well as creating a really competitive atmosphere. The activity involves one team mate laying on their backs whilst moving toilet rolls with their feet into a bucket behind their head.

Another favourite of ours is “Box Ball” which involves swapping the coloured balls over in two buckets. Again this always brings out peoples competitive sides with participants always requesting to have another go to see if they can do it faster.

With ‘The Cube’ being held on the Sunday after the “Super Saturday” at the Olympics we had our very own Team GB looking to add to the gold medal tally, in which they were successful!

Customers who attended have been telling the reps “we had so much fun at the Summer Games. The activities were great fun and enjoyable even if deep down everyone wanted to win!”

If you have been the Château des Ormes or taken part in the Summer Games activity programme on other campsites, do let us know below what you thought and what you favourite activities were.

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