La Baume cook off

The day started early and off I went to shop for the ‘cook off’ ingredients. I was nervous and excited about putting the recipe I’d been given to the test  which was Mexican chicken eatsas! After all, my cooking skills were being put to the test as well!

The recipes were provided by our budding ‘Chef of the year’ competitors.

Setting up outside, putting up the ‘cook off’ sign, laying out the table cloth, adding the candles and fresh bread to the table – I was fast becoming excited about the ‘Cook off’ on La Baume. Our chef of the year competition was what we’d all been talking about all week.

After spending the afternoon preparing my summer delight I finally got to sit down and enjoy the final product, which I thought was simply delicious.

However there’s not just my opinion, here’s what the kid’s reps on La Baume thought too.

Katie: After watching Emma-Louise slave away in the kitchen mashing up avocados and making minced chicken from scratch I knew I was in for a treat! The food was delicious something I’d never tried before. The guacamole was bursting with flavour and complimented the chicken which was served in a wrap with rice (an added extra that I thought worked perfectly). A dish definitely worth cooking or in my case eating!

Rebecca: Watching Emma-Louise prepare lots of yummy food and laying the table out like an episode of ‘come dine with me’ Katie and I had no problem devouring this delicious chicken dish!  I hope to be making this in the future!

With thanks to Sue Taylor for the winning entry, I certainly uncovered the ultimate summer dish.

Try it out for yourselves and let me know how good and tasty it is :) You’ll find the chef of the year competition winner’s full recipe here.

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