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"Slip and Slide"

"Slip and Slide" In The Sun

With our top 10 Summer Games activities selected, Al Fresco were ready to be part of the  Summer Fest at Chateau des Ormes. The sun was shining down ,it was a beautiful day on the campsite putting a smile on both the Reps and the customers faces.


Al Fresco teamed up with the onsite animation team and before you knew it the area surrounding the bar was completely reformed. Down the hill a massive “Slip and Slide” was set up. Washing up liquid and water were constantly being sprayed over plastic lining to ensure everyone had a great slide!



The Summer Games Duck Hunt At The Summer Fest

At the bottom of the hill there was a huge Tug of War rope with a paddling pool neatly positioned in the middle so that the losing team got soaked. This proved very popular with the crowds forming around it spontaneously, some stepping in to try and save the day!


The Al Fresco Summer Gameswas positioned in the middle of all of this with a constant stream of customers. The Reps were kept busy showing customers what each station involved including Toilet Trouble, Ping Pong Bounce, Dunk Hunt and Quiots.


For those who fancied a quieter approach there was “Hook a Duck” and a face painting station close to the refreshment tent. With music playing and the sun out everyone who was down at the Summer Fest had a smile on their faces enjoying the day.


Grass and Pool Area At The Summer Fest

After two hours of activities we started to pack away. At this point a football and a volleyball tournament began. Once everything had been packed away we joined by all the other Reps in the outdoor pool area dancing to the music that had been playing all afternoon. Inevitably this just turned into a water fight with everyone singing, dancing and smiling in the sun.


After the sports had finished there was a break in the “Summer Fest” programme for people to get some tea before the evening spectacular “Robin Hood” (please see the Robin Hood blog for further details on this). The amphitheatre around the pool was packed as the show began. Once the Rep Show had come to an end fireworks began spiralling into the air to the sounds of  Katy Perry “Firework”. The crowd started singing along and clapping in-between the “oohhs” and “aahhs” for the associated fireworks.


The Summer Fest is going to run every Friday afternoon beginning at 3pm on the grass area outside the bar and pool. Were you there for the Summer Fest? If so, please let us know your thoughts and memories below…

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