Charlie Jennings-sewell

Summer Games Sports Day: Yorkshire Puddings vs Southern Fairies

It’s a beautiful Monday afternoon on Les Mediterranees, the sky is clear and the light breeze makes it the perfect condition for this week’s Summer GamesOur participants are ready and raring to go, the rivalry and determination to win is clear.  Fathers heckle one another and the children babble excitedly about their favourite races. Mums take their places at the side-lines with tiny children clinging to their hips and cameras clutched in their hands.

The bibs are chosen and teams selected.   The team mates may vary in size and age but they are clearly all in it to win.

Passers-by stop to watch as a 4 year old wearing a pair of wellingtons up to his armpits succeeds in dribbling a football around the cones; everyone cheers him on as he beats the time set by the older kids.

After a round of egg and spoon races, we up the ante and swap the plastic eggs for water bombs.  Children cry with laughter as the balloons drop again and again without breaking.  Every wobble makes people gasp in expectation.

Mum steps up for the challenge in the space hopper race, tightening her bikini strings, she sets off several paces in front of her opponent.  Her sons cheer her on proudly as she bounces somewhat gracefully to the finish line.

As the time moves steadily on, every point counts.  Brothers on opposing teams battle head to head in the sack race, throwing themselves over the finish line with pure determination.

The final challenge is set by a young boy, who spots the remaining water balloons sat on the side lines.  “Let’s throw the water balloons like javelins!” He suggests excitedly.  There are cries of agreement as the teams nominate their final contestant.  The first balloon explodes dramatically in mid-flight, much to the joy of the young boy who threw it.  The second flies further through the air before detonating in the sand a little further along than the first.  Both teams cheer at the final hurrah.

Points are counted and times compared.  After an hour of games, there is one point between the teams.  Everyone is silent as the result is announced.  “Yorkshire Puddings win!” The other team boo comically as the father and son high five one another gleefully and collect their prize.

Everyone knows that the Summer Games Sports Day is not about coming first, it’s about having fun with your family and meeting new friends along the way.  All our participants knew that in this case, they were all winners.

The Summer Games is taking place on many Al Fresco sites this summer.  Take a break from your sunbathing, put down your best seller and come spend time with your family in activities that you will be talking about for the rest of your trip.


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