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Summer Games: ‘The Cube’ at Marina de Venezia - Al Fresco Holidays

This week at Marina de Venezia, Summer Games featured Al Fresco’s version of ‘The Cube’. Here’s a summary of my favourite challenges.

Blindfold Labyrinth is just that, a labyrinth in which the player is blindfolded and their team mates direct them around the obstacles. It requires good communication and tests your trust in your family members.

Spaghetti Can sounds easy – transport empty cans use uncooked spaghetti – but the drawback is that you can only use your mouth to hold the spaghetti.

Flambé Challenge is the tastiest challenge, an intense relay in which the last player must eat a flambé dessert all in one without the use of their hands (or cutlery!)

Coke Pong is a sober reinvention of the American favourite ‘Beer Pong’ and on the day, despite having some experience Beer Pongers amongst the parents, the best player was the youngest; the 4 year old cleaned out the competition!

Buckethead is very simple, one player has a bucket strapped to their head and the rest of the team throw as many balls in the bucket as possible, but our ‘bucketheads’ had to also be good at dodging the bad throws!

Finally, Tennis Ball Mayhem never fails to confuse players, swapping coloured tennis balls from one bucket to another doesn’t sound difficult at all but the game tests your coordination and speed and even though there were only 20 balls, the fastest time was 40 seconds.

Have you had played our Summer Games at Marina de Venezia yet? Are there any challenges you would like to see added to Al Fresco’s ‘The Cube’?

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