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Friday night, 7pm.

You’ve had a week of lying by the pool, playing on the beach, eating Italian food and now you want a reminder of what you left at home. You don’t miss the rain, the traffic or the school run, but the craving creeps in for a classic British pub.
Al Fresco’s Summer Games have the antidote. Come along to the Jolly Bar on Marina de Venezia for an hour of mind-boggling quizzing!

Questions rely on the whole family’s input: Dad knows what the name of the first James Bond movie is, Mum can help with finding the song and artist for the lyrics ‘Who can deny the joy it brings, When you’ve found that special thing’, the teenage daughter knows who the Canadian singer whose biggest hit was ‘Baby’ is, and the kids can give to answer to ‘What cartoon features a character and his friends living in an underwater city called Bikini Bottom?’ (Comment below if you know the answers!)

Extra points were given for the best team names, and the tie-breakers included best joke and best dog impression.

For two weeks running, a big group of families who came to Marina together have attended the pub quiz, and ‘Chocolate Thunder’ have won both weeks, after tense tie-breakers! Their zoo joke (not suitable for younger readers!) and their scarily accurate dog impression saw them steal first position.

If you’re on Marina de Venezia, come along and see if you can you prise the crown off their heads next Friday!

Apart from having a good time, quizzers also get free Italian nibbles and alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, courtesy of Jolly Bar.

For the next two weeks, we will be running a special LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS Pub Quiz. It’s going to be unmissable, so come and claim your trophies!

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