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At long last Katie and I had decided to tick off another place on our ‘where we have visited’ list, hurray!

With only a few precious weeks left to soak up the atmosphere and more importantly the sunshine in the Cote D’Azur, Katie and I were up bright and early on Tuesday morning. Don’t worry it was all for a good cause, we were off for an action packed adventure along a river which overlooks magnificent views of Roquebrune and takes you to its very own private lake.

Image of Roquebrune in the south of France
Stunning scenery of Roquebrune

With prices starting at 12 euros for 2 hours of canoe hire going up to half day at 14 euros and the chance to use a GPS system for a treasure hunt it was more than worth it.

Other activities available were zorbing, mini golf and white water rafting. With professional assistance at hand and a safety route to follow we were confident we were in safe hands.

With a push off and a friendly wave from the Roquebrune assistants and a scream from Katie and myself our journey was just beginning.  How ridiculous, canoeing is easy you may find yourself saying… However we were off to a shaky start as we both hadn’t canoed before and had relied upon the fact the other knew what they were doing!

What a huge mistake that was! I may have passed my Duke of Edinburgh’s award but that certainly didn’t mean my map reading skills were up to scratch. So winding in and out of bends in the river, passing the map to and throw trying to make sense of it, along with giggling like school girls, grazing our legs and getting twigs in our faces we weren’t too sure if we had made the right decision!

Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to keep us at bay we made it to the amazing Roquebrune lake and the best part of it was we had two hours of absolute peace here. Well I say peace but for a split second we had a startled awakening from some sheep that had decided they would like to sunbathe with us too and join us for a casual swim in the lake.

Our journey back was much more successful and we were even daring enough to just chill in the canoe and enjoy our sandwiches! Fancy that. I’m not sure how it happened but we were like pro-athletes, there wasn’t a collision with a branch or a fresh scratch in sight.

So if you’re looking for fun in the sun on your Al Fresco holiday make sure you visit Roquebrune in the Cote D’Azur and let me know how it goes.

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