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Cobac Parc in Northern Brittany - Al Fresco Holidays

On a beautifully warm day in Northern Brittany a couple of reps decided to spend the day planning the Al Fresco summer excursion from Chateau des Ormes

We took the half an hour drive to the Grand Aquarium in St Malo where we spoke to staff about tickets for the excursion.

Whilst speaking to the staff we were invited to visit their second attraction, Cobac parc. As we had passed Cobac Park to get to the Grand Aquarium we seized the opportunity to visit the theme park.

Cobac Parc hosts both an adventure park (on land) and an aqua park. Due to not having swimwear with us we were unfortunately restricted to the adventure park.

After a tour from the site manager we were encouraged to try out the rides in which we firstly went on the Runaway Train.

We began sitting at the front but got ushered to the back as these were “the best seats” the ride operator assured us. After a slow climb the train soon picked up speed and had us both screaming and laughing all the way round.

We then went on to the Pirate Ship which resulted in us both having our heart in our mouths. As the motion of the swinging boat got bigger and bigger my grip on the bar got tighter. Whilst Pippa was happily smiling away I began to feel very nauseas!

As we only managed a few rides during our visit we have both said how we want to go back and go on them again and the aqua park. The park boasts a caracole, train ride, pedalos, “Back Hole” flume, dingy slides and rapids to name a few!

Have you visited Cobac Park or the Aquarium on your stay at Chateau des Ormes? If not, come and book yourself on the excursion which will include visiting the Gand Aquarium and onto a local cider farm!

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