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Brittany's Best BBQ Tips 3 - Thomson Al Fresco Blog

Here at the Château Des Ormes we love to BBQ if the weather allows us to.

Andrew and Sharron Witcomb have shared BBQ tips with us but here is some advice they shared with us about local food.

A noted BBQ essential is the traditional French mayonnaise “Benedicts”. The lovely slightly strong flavour with a hint of mustard means the Witcombs take jars back for family and friends year after year. It has now become a BBQ essential for the reps out here as well who would also admit to planning on taking some home.

After a tough afternoon of Al Fresco Summer Games on the camp site, Andrew and Sharron recommend the “Cabernet D’anjou” which is a rose wine from Nantes, not far away.

The brand is award winning and is sold at the supermarket on site at around €3.50. Like the mayonnaise I would also agree in that it makes a lovely summer evening drink to sip whilst hosting a BBQ.

With the weather never phasing them be sure to watch out for the Witcombs lighting up their BBQ at Château Des Ormes campsite next year!

Also let us know any of your top BBQ tips or any local delicacies you have discovered whilst visiting any of our Al Fresco campsites in France and whether you try out any of the tips above.

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