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Brittany's Best BBQ Tips 2

Following on from our first blog from Andrew and Sharron Witcomb here are some further tips for BBQs including fish and meat dishes. Ideas have come from having regular BBQs at Château Des Ormes.
Fish Dishes
Salmon and pepper kebabs – as simple as it reads. Buy salmon fillets to cube and thread onto a skewer between pepper or onions.
Salmon parcels – something to consider is turning the BBQ into an oven by putting the lid on and making foil parcels enclosing salmon fillets, lemon, salt and pepper. Slice the lemon, squirt on some juice and leave the slices in the parcels.


Meat Options
Marinated chicken - marinate chicken during the day in BBQ sauce, honey, tomato purée, garlic and brown sugar ready to hit the BBQ and enjoy the succulent chicken breasts.
A Traditional Burger - although it wouldn’t be some people’s first choice the frozen burger range are half the price of fresh ones with no flavour or quality loss. At an estimated cost of €6.50 for 10 it’s hard to see where you can go wrong!

Their two final BBQ tips are: keep turning the food and have the oven on low inside (about 50 degrees) and when the food is cooked put it in there to keep it warm ready for the family to eat together.

Look out for the Witcombs final blog including local food and drink.

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