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bike hire Chateau des Ormes

Al Fresco reps on bikes

Al Fresco reps on bikes

With all of our jobs completed it was late afternoon and some of the Al Fresco reps at the Château des Ormes decided to take advantage of the bike hire at Chateau des Ormes and head out on a bike ride to explore the surrounding villages.

The sun was shining down as we headed off to St Leonards in convoy. We passed fields full of cows and sweetcorn crops basking in the summer sun.

After a short downhill cycle we arrived at St Leonards, a small pretty village with only a handful of houses surrounding the local store, bar and traditional French restaurant.

We bought a drink to quench our thirst whilst admiring the village square. The beautiful stone buildings baking in the sun made it a stunning area to sit in and admire the French countryside.

One of the reps worked at Château des Ormes last season and was filling us in on how the village square is where the weekly market is located.

With the sun still over us we decided to head down to the next village along called Epiniac. The route was predominantly downhill through the French countryside with houses dotted alongside the road. After a quick stop and walk around Epiniac we decided to head back and take on the hills!

Half way back we agreed for a short break as in the heat it was hard work up the hills making us feel like we were competing in the Tour de France!

We stopped just opposite a lovely French house slightly set back from the road with a wonderfully kept garden spread out in front. Just opposite was an old French chapel which stood alone under the trees. We went over to investigate what was inside and saw it had been neatly decorated many years ago but was now home to spiders weaving their webs in its nooks and crannies.

The View Over Chateau des Ormes 18 Hole Golf Course

We finally reached the impressive archway leading onto the Château des Ormes campsite golf course. The golf course revealed a large open space with deliciously green trees guiding you through the impeccably maintained course. We followed the path around a few of the holes before reaching our mobile home where we sat outside to catch the last few rays of sun for that day.

Have you ever cycled around the Chateau des Ormes campsite? Also have you been down to the market at St Leonards? Let us know your experiences of cycling round the area and if you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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