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Robin Hood Visits Château des Omres - Thomson Al Fresco Blog

It’s the end of the week at Château des Ormes campsite and the Al Fresco reps make their way down to the amphitheatre by the pool to watch the “Robin Hood“entertainment show.

By 10.30pm all the seating area is full with some children up dancing to the music waiting for the show to begin. The sun has set and the pool is lit with a crane to the side holding a projector screen displaying videos taken in the resort from earlier this summer.

All of a sudden the videos stop and the crowd silences before Robin Hood appears on the screen. A short video is shown to the crowd. Reps featured in the video include those working on the zip wire, climbing wall, bar, kids reps and the animation team.

The story is based on Maid Marian being kidnapped by the Sherrif of Nottingham and Robin Hood setting out to rescue her incorporating light humour into the show.

The final scene is played out in the pool with the Sherrif of Nottingham stood on top of the waterfall with Maid Marian surrounded by all his followers below in the water.

Robin Hood is seen shooting across the zip wire over the lake before meeting up with his Merry Men and entering the pool enclosure for the final battle scene. The crowd cheer Robin Hood on with a great family atmosphere “booing” the Sheriff as he defends his position on the waterfall.

As the cast throw themselves off the waterfall and surrounding features only the Sherrif of Nottingham and Robin Hood are left to fight it out. The crowd begins cheering “Robin..Robin..” as the final sword fight begins.

To see what happens you will have to come and watch Robin Hood yourself when staying at the Château des Ormes.

The reps at Château des Ormes do weekly shows including Pirates of the Caribbean and  Zoro, look out for future blogs about these shows!

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