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Can’t get to London 2012? - Al Fresco Holidays

Try Al Fresco summer games events instead!

If you couldn’t get tickets to the Olympics this year, don’t worry – Al Fresco has got you VIP passes to the most exciting event of the Summer. Mini-Olympics on Union Lido and Marina di Venezia is a much more exclusive and enjoyable option where you can be directly involved in competitive family summer games!

After a hard day of sunbathing, swimming and eating ice cream, come and meet at Al Fresco reception for an evening of fun-filled family sports. You and your family will take on your fellow holiday makers in a number of Olympic-style games events and it is not to be missed.

This week… In the sprints, some of our guests gave Usain Bolt a run(!) for his money, even when taking into account the fact that they had to balance bean bags on their heads, run with eggs and spoons, or beat their competitors in a three-legged race.

For the field events, javelin is no longer a simple task of throwing as far as you can because in our mini-Olympics it also requires precision to land the javelin in the hoops, and when the darts are made of rubber, it is a far greater challenge than the Olympic athletes have to face.

The relays require more flexibility and team work than Britain’s best runners could imagine – sacks, space hoppers and basketballs made for entertaining watching and competing. Perhaps TV coverage will be required in the next Al Fresco mini-Olympics?

The last event sorts the wheat from the chaff; a Tug of War between the two teams at the top of the leader board. After a tense, exhilarating final, the winners receive their medals, and retire to their training quarters, whilst the losing teams commiserate with pizza, Prosecco and an evening stroll along the beach.

Do you think your family has got what it takes to compete in the Al Fresco mini-olympics? Come to Al Fresco’s summer games events and show us what you’re made of!

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