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Brittany's Best BBQ Tips 1 - Thomson Al Fresco Blog

Image of family cooking a bbqWhen the suns shining here at the Château Des Ormes we love to BBQ so we wanted to share some of our BBQ tips.

Where to stock up you may ask?
Reps and campers alike agree that the supermarket to go to is the HyperU in Combourg. With a range of products from home wear, clothing and food there’s pretty much everything you need.

Setting up…
Arrange coal at least 30 minutes before use. The best time to start cooking is when the coals are glowing white. Ensure coal is arranged to leave a semi circle with no coal for a “warm area”.

BBQ Vegetables
Why not try barbecued flat mushrooms gently warmed through on the grill. This idea can also be used for onions, peppers, aubergines and much much more…

Additionally you could consider slicing a banana in half and filling it full of chocolate spread (or nutella), wrap it up in foil and leave it on the BBQ to soften. This can turn out really messy but the kids will love it!

Another use of the BBQ sometimes overlooked is as an oven when you put the lid on. This is ideal for jacket potatoes or stuffed peppers.

The ideas above are a taste of those given to us by Andrew and Sharron Witcomb who have been bringing their family camping with Al Fresco for 6 years now, the last 5 years at Château Des Ormes !

Keep checking the blogs for their second instalment regarding fish and meat dishes.

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