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A Little Taste of Languedoc at Les Méditerranées - Al Fresco Holidays

food tasting Fresh water oysters, locally produced Noilly Pratt, marinated mussels and homemade Aioli are just a few of the Marseillan Plage delicacies you can enjoy at our Local Cuisine Tasting event, specially organised for our Al Fresco customers at Les Méditerranées resorts.

Sydney, a local restaurant owner has produced a taster menu, created out of produce sourced exclusively from the Languedoc region.    This is not your typical platter of cheese and wine, you can expect four courses of exceptional quality.

To start with, the famous Noilly Pratt aperitif; Noilly Pratt is solely produced in Marseillan using special herbs to create the individual flavours.  You will sample all three colours; red, white and amber, alongside a sweet Muscat produced in neighbouring Frontignan.   To accompany this, there is a platter of toast with an array of dips and toppings including creamy aioli, fresh anchovies, fresh water mussels, aubergine and olive tapenade.  The toast compliments each one beautifully, the anchovies are bursting with flavour rather than leaving a salty taste in your mouth and the aioli, with it’s subtle hint of spice, is mouth-watering.

For mains, you are presented with a selection of chilled sea food.  As the oysters and mussels have grown in a sea water lake environment in the Basin de Thau their taste is quite different from their coastal cousins and they have much more flavour.  The sea snail, a French delicacy, is meatier than expected and is complimented exquisitely by the aioli.

The hot main is presented beautifully in tapas style dishes.  The calamari is cooked till tender in a mildly spicy tomato sauce and the two variations of marinated mussels illustrate perfectly how many ways there are to cook this French favourite.  For those who have never tried a baby octopus, this is your opportunity and you definitely won’t be disappointed.  To complement this array of food is two more white wines.  Picpoul de Pinet is a delicious dry local wine; its home town of Pinet is just a short bus journey from Marseillan Plage.

To finish off the meal is a selection of four famous French cheeses; Camembert, Roquefort, Reblochon and Chèvre.  Served with chunks of baguette and red wine, this is the perfect way to end your French dining experience.

The Local Cuisine Tasting event is running on Wednesdays from Les Méditerranées this summer and is catered for the whole family. For children there is a ‘fish and chips’ option and a supervised play room so Mum and Dad can sit back and enjoy their evening of fine French cuisine and excellent company.


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