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What's cooking at Marina de Venezia?

Dinner in the Sky

Marina de Venezia tries to accommodate everybody’s needs to make the summer holiday the best it can be. This week from 31 July to 2nd August 2012 the campsite has gone all out.

For those who require a little more adrenaline and glamour than the average camping holiday can offer, head to Marina de Venezia’s beach and check out Dinner in the Sky.

On arrival, the only thing that seems out of order is the level of luxury; a VIP area, a cocktail bar, very attentive staff and gentle lounge music playing in the background as the sun sets over the beach


VIP area

As you’re sipping your Pina Colada, enjoying the feeling of the warm sand on your toes, watching the boats on the horizon, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is just another beach club.


Dinner in the Sky






However, as the sun goes down further, a shadow looms over the beach. A large industrial crane has been set up to support a restaurant which hangs 50 metres in the air, and you have a reservation!

That’s right, for 160 euros, waiters will harness you and your fellow diners to your table, hoist you 50 metres in the air and serve you a 5 course gourmet dinner.

Champagne corks pop as seat belts are fastened, and as the final sunbathers of the day look on with a mixture of envy, curiosity and surprise, the table is raised.

A guest told me what it was like… “You’re not afraid because it’s very slow and it feels safe, I’d definitely recommend it to my friends.”

The skies the limit at this dinner table!

If you miss the chance to go for the full meal, you can also go during the day for an aperitif (25-35 euros).

Dinner in the Sky is an unforgettable, beautiful and delicious addition to your holiday. Make sure you don’t miss other exciting events at Marina di Venezia next year!


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