Amy G

Al Fresco's Got Talent contest - Round 1

On a Friday evening, with the sun shining down on Château Des Ormes campsite, the crowds start forming for the first round of Al Fresco’s Got Talent contest.

With dance groups appearing in matching outfits, a break-dancer with his props and another act wheeling his bike over, you could feel the excitement growing.

The smell of BBQs was lingering in the air as the show kicked off with a break dance routine. Props such as a magazine, sunglasses and a hat were all incorporated into the routine with some brave moves from the contestants.

Two girls performing a dance routine followed this and with their steps and moves you could tell they had done something similar before. Later one of their younger sisters performed a solo routine full of exciting moves including shoulder stands showing that talent must run in the family!

Mid show saw a bike routine by a boy, which included jumps and one-handed riding. This was followed by his sister showing us many tricks whilst hula-hooping – again showing another talented family.

One family arrived a little later for the talent contest as they had gone out for dinner.  They got their props, including badminton rackets (used as make shift guitars) and performed another fantastic routine with great energy. The younger sisters followed and with a cheeky smile on their faces performed their routine whilst making their own music.

With so much talent already seen the reps are beginning to wonder what else the summer will hold!  Round 2 of the talent contest is coming up shortly so get practicing your routines, tricks and polish up your talent ready to perform in front of the crowds at Chateau des Ormes when you stay with us – its going to be a great summer!

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