Grab a bargain at the traditional Frejus market.

Hearing the hustle and bustle going on round the corner in Frejus market and being my inquisitive self I decided to stroll on over and see what was happening. As I approached I could see lots of different market stalls. The smell of fresh home-grown produce was in the air.

‘Elles sont belles elles sont belles mes salades’ was all I was could hear whilst searching for a bargain.

I stood still for a split second soaking up the atmosphere whilst the rest of the world went by.  I’d wandered into a cosy, traditional French market.

Along with the tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables on offer; there were also fish stalls all boasting that they were indeed the best in the area.  As I brushed shoulders with people along the busy little strip others were searching through bric-a-brac baskets, bartering and rattling through lots of summer clothes rails.

Without realising I’d spent my whole morning wandering around this cosy affair munching on freshly sliced watermelon and stocking up on colourful vegetables.

So if you’re visiting the Cote D’azur for the summer holidays, be sure to explore the traditional Frejus market. It runs every Tuesday early morning till mid-day.

Are there any markets that have stayed in your mind since being on holiday? Please share your experiences :)

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