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Al Fresco Kidz Club at Les Mediterranees - Al Fresco Holidays

Al Fresco Kidz Club’ is Seeking: Adventurers, Goblin Hunters and Treasure Seekers…
Searching for silver coins using Black Beard’s treasure map, creeping past sleeping goblins hidden under invisibility cloaks and juggling magic spells whilst flying on a magical carpet are just some of the adventures the kids at Les Méditerranées Kidz Club have been on this past week.Al Fresco Kidz Club water fight

Moving away from the traditional arts and crafts of the ‘conventional’ holiday kids clubs, the Al Fresco Kidz Reps have shared their own secret missions with the children.  Taking them on adventures as vast as their imagination, where water balloons are magic spells and the Boules pitch really is the sleeping goblins den.

Where most kids would go home at the end of a session with a painting or a collage made of sea shells.  Kidz Club kids go back to their parents barely able to contain themselves with the stories of the challenges they’ve faced and over come.  Rather than working on creating things to put on the wall, the Kidz Reps focus on giving the kids the space to create friends and life long memories.

The sessions are created especially for the kids, taking inspiration from their experiences, stories and interests.  Kids feel able to take the lead, teaching one another how to play games they’ve learnt at school and adding to the stories the Reps are creating for them.  Even the most timid characters are drawn out of their shells by the excitement of the games and team activities the group must complete along the way.

Whilst the adults spend their time relaxing by the swimming pool, they can be sure their children are in close proximity.  However, to the kids at Al Fresco Kidz Club, Les Méditerranées is no longer a camp site.  It is a magical place which transforms daily into a whole new world of possibilities.



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