Amy G

A Stone's Throw Away From Château de Combourg

A short drive from the Château Des Ormes campsite can take you to the beautiful French village of Combourg home to Château de Combourg. With its cobbled high street surrounded by stone buildings the town is steeped in medieval history.   It is hard to resist sitting at one of the cafes with a cool drink and relaxing whilst taking in the ambiance of the French town.

Looking over the town is the Château de Combourg dating from the 14th and 15th century. The château is surrounded by a large open green area on one side with a vast lake on the other. The surrounding area makes a trip to the château perfect for a family picnic and day out.

There is a tour of the château which although in French, English hand-outs are provided to read as you go through the many different rooms. There is a lot to see and absorb when you’re inside the castle which made the  tour being in French only a minor hindrance.

With so many interesting stories to be told time flew by. The château’s rooms are decorated with spooky deer heads, beautiful wooden furniture and family portraits giving you a sense of what it might have been like many years ago.

As part of the tour around  Château de Combourg you are taken up to the balcony where you can look over the land and admire the surroundings. It’s also the perfect viewpoint to decide on the best spot for a picnic later on!

In good or bad weather a trip to Combourg to see the château and lake makes a great day trip for the family. Be sure to check it out for yourself during your stay at Château Des Ormes campsite.

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